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Heavy Squats

I’m on a serious mission to improve my legs. Today is Monday….also synonymous with Leg Day in my book. Tricia wasn’t feeling well today, so I worked out on my own at Hyde Park Gym. Since I wouldn’t be slowing anyone down by stringing together a long workout, I decided to do some really heavy squatting. I started with the heavy half-squats and “just above parallel” squats that I did in my split routine last week. I followed that with some heavy full squats (below parallel). I did a number of singles and worked up to the heaviest full squat I’ve done in years, but I didn’t go to a complete max. I finished the squatting session with a good set of full squats at 315 and then several sets of very deep squats at 225. It didn’t take a whole lot of leg pressing before I was absolutely wiped out. I really had to push myself to get leg curls and extensions done. I slammed a Pro Fusion Protein drink immediately after the workout and then took about a 30 minute nap on the floor of my office. Yes, totally wiped out!!!

Half Squats 135X10, 225X8, 275X6, 315X5, 365X5, 405X5, 425X5, 445X5

Just above Parallel Squats 315X5, 345X5, 365X3

Full Squats (breaking parallel) 275X1, 295X1, 315X1, 350X1, 365X1, 315X8, 225X15X12X8

Leg Press 270X20, 450X20, 540X20, 630X20

Superset Lying Leg Curls and Leg Ext 3 supersets, 8-12 reps

Standing Leg Curls 3 sets 10 reps

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