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Swami Reminds Viewers of Cutler Dominance

Okay, we’re five days away from the Big Dance in Las Vegas. And, as I’ve been saying for months, the show that Jay Cutler will dominate en route to his third straight Mr. Olympia crown. If you haven’t seen “The Experts” video on the site regarding our Mr. O picks (have you been hiding under a rock for the past month?), I’ll tell ya how it’s gonna turn out , one through six.
1. Jay Cutler. Two big, too wide and too focused after hearing all the talk (especially from me) about how off he was last year, and how fortunate he was to nab that second Sandow. Cutler has been looking crazy in recent weeks, dialed in and vascular to boot, so it’s safe to say the Swami nails it again. Look for the hometown hero to show up at a conditioned 265 pounds on his 5’9″ frame.
2. Dexter Jackson. The Blade is always in great condition, and I expect nothing less this time around from the Jacksonville, Florida resident. He swears he’ll be 237 pounds (at 5’6″) and insists he was 233 when he won the Arnold earlier in the year. Hogwash. I’ll give Dex 225 on a high carb day, but no matter. The guy is spectacular and has the inside track on the runner-up slot. Even though he told me at the USA the title is his, period.
3. Dennis Wolf. This is one big, bad boy. At 5’11” and 260 pounds, the freaky German is always in great shape and, after winning the People’s Choice award at last season’s O from the online voters at, Wolf is coming in with a lot more attention from the media, and the fans, in 2008. Wide as an airplane hanger, Wolf has a powerful, yet aesthetic physique that can actually push Jackson out of second if Dex isn’ at the top of his game.
4. Phil Heath. This cat is bad. Don’t believe me? Then check out the pics from this year’s IRON MAN Pro. At 5’9″ and about 235 pounds, The Gift has the best guns in the sport, and the rest of him ain’t chopped liver, either. Like his calves, quads and hams for starters. The youngest guy in the line-up at 28, the Denver Nugget is good enough to move up a slot or two, for sure. Should be a great battle for second between Jackson, Wolf and Heath.
5. Melvin Anthony. Perhaps my favorite bodybuilder, when you take presentation into account. I didn’t give him the moniker “Marveous” back in 1994 for nothing. Smallest waist in the game among guys over 230 pounds and I don’t need to talk about his unmatched posing abilities. Coming off a big win in Atlantic City two weeks ago; if Melvin can tighten up another 10 per cent, it’s not crazy to think he might do battle with the above mentioned folks for a higher placing.
6. Silveo Samuel. The most consistant bodybuilder in the world. How Silveo comes in top shape, show in and show out, is remarkable. Saw him at the Tournament of Champions last night, but didn’t let him take off the shirt during the event. Folks will either have to buy a ticket to the show, or watch the webcast (free, on, with lead commentator Dan Solomon) to see another prime time showing for this Nigerian born athlete.

There you have it fans. The crystal ball is clear for first, a bit fogged up for the next few slots. See ya in ‘Vegas in a few.

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