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Hardbody Feature: Amber Dawn Fokken

It’s hard not to be captivated when looking at Amber Dawn Fokken. Her striking blue eyes and perfect physique are a powerful combination. But behind the beauty is a strong ambitious woman who has accomplished an incredible amount. Amber is a dedicated athlete and fitness model with multiple wins and also an intelligent businesswoman with a successful online training business. We love the “whole package” and the power that is captured in her photos.


Cat Begovic: Amber, you are in incredible shape and look amazing! How did you get involved in fitness?

Amber Fokken: I fell in love with fitness in 2009 after i won the overall in bikini at my very first NPC show. i had a back- ground in pageants and modeling, yet never realized my love for lifting weights and living the fit lifestyle until i began competing. the decision to compete was 100 percent driven from my older brother, aaron orton, owner of genuine Fitness in eugene, oregon. he pushed me to enter a show because he saw potential in me that i would have never tapped into without him. prior to competing, i received conjoining degrees at the University of oregon in economics and business administration with a focus in finance and was a first-time homeowner at the age of 19. i always dabbled in modeling yet was never a “fitness” girl in terms of being educated in nutrition or weight lifting, although i was athletic from a young age and played sports my entire adolescence. My career direction drastically changed when i realized my strong passion for the fitness and health industry and have since then made it my everyday life as the owner of an online training company called aDo Fitness, along with being a nutrition/prep coach, posing instructor, endorsed athlete, NPC judge, and fitness model.

CB: What do you love best about competing? what do you hate?
AF: I love pushing my body, and my mind for that matter, to a place that it seems impossible to go. Mental strength in this sport is so much more powerful than physical strength. to be mentally strong enough to do something most people cannot do is an accomplishment in itself and gives you a sense of power and a feeling of control that is absolutely indescribable. What i do not like about competing is the extremes. i hate that finding balance after a competition is usually a very hard task. I also hate that competing gives so many people a tarnished relationship with food and body image.

CB: What have some of the challenges been for you?
AF: I have been through many ups and downs in my fitness career, from post- show rebounding to adrenal and hormonal issues due to long-term calorie restriction. Being able to do what i love and keep my body and mind healthy has been a challenge in itself. it’s taken me a few years of highs and lows to finally feel i am at a stable place of overall balance, which i am grateful for.

CB: What does your training and diet look like?amber1

Monday: glute-focused leg day

Tuesday: shoulders

Wednesday: arms

Thursday: Back and chest

Friday: abs and lower-body plyo day

Saturday: rest day

Sunday: Whatever isn’t sore

Practically all my lifts are focused on three to four sets of six to 10 different exercises at 12 to 15 reps each. i’ll add in at least three high-intensity interval training sessions and two to three longer duration—40 to 60 minutes—low-in- tensity steady-state sessions to this split. My cardio will change based on if i’m getting ready for an event, photo shoot, or show. i just recently started implementing more hot yoga into my schedule as well. I use flexible dieting, so my food never stays the same. I use iCon Meals meal prep service, as it’s a great, affordable, and efficient way to have meals pre- made and freshly delivered each week. My day breaks down like this:

Meal 1: One half cup of Myoatmeal oats and three egg whites, one whole omega-3 egg—i often combine these ingredients to make protein pancakes or waffles—and half cup of berries. But if i’m on the go, i’ll eat the iCon Meals pre-made protein pancakes.

Meal 2: Four egg whites, spinach, mush- rooms, tomato, hot sauce scramble or omelet with ezekiel english muffin or a thinslim Foods bagel—post-workout— and half an apple

Meal 3: Four ounces grilled chicken and asparagus from iCon Meals

Meal 4: Bison taco salad—recipe on my blog—or four ounces buffalo, four ounces mashed sweet potato, and broccoli from iCon Meals

Meal 5: Four ounces grilled chicken and greens from iCon Meals

Meal 6: Low-carb protein waffles— recipe on my blog—with two tablespoon nuts ‘n More protein nut butter i also keep a smartshake on me at all times, with whey and some supplements in the storage container. I have one in my gym bag, purse, and car.


CB: What are your fitness goals?
AF: My goals are to stay in a balanced state with my mind, body, and spirit. i feel i have been an extremist in the past but have really changed to be accepting of balance. i strive every day to be kind to myself and practice self-love and be comfortable in the body i am in, regard- less if i’m stage lean or curvy and thicker. overall i want to inspire others and tell my story to promote balance. i plan to continue growing my company and modeling while really enjoying life!

CB: What’s your favorite body part?                                                                                                              AF: My favorite part is probably my abs  i like that i have clearly defined abs, but they are still very feminine and i naturally have a small waist.

CB: What’s your favorite body part on guys?
AF: That’s tough! i’m probably torn between shoulders and chest, so it’s a good thing my husband has both! IM

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