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Get Bigger Arms In 6 Weeks With This Program

With summer fast approaching, people are in a frenzy to put the final touches on their physique so they can be in top shape for any of the activities under the sun that will allow them to show off the work they did over winter. Because I’ve yet to meet a guy who is satisfied with his arm size and development, I present to you a six-week arm blitz guaranteed to stretch the tape measure to its capacity.

Frequency Is King
To maximize the development of any muscle in as short a time as possible, one must delicately balance the amount of volume with the intensity subjected onto the muscle group. Optimizing this balance will facilitate the recovery needed to allow for maximum growth. Since arms are indirectly involved in nearly all upper-body work in one way or another, it’s possible to hit the biceps and triceps roughly four times per week.

Weeks 1, 3, and 5
Day 1: Heavy Arm Work
Day 2: Light Arm Work
Day 3: Off
Day 4: Back + Heavy Biceps
Day 5: Biceps Pump
Day 6: Heavy Triceps + Chest + Shoulders
Day 7: Legs

Weeks 2, 4, and 6
Day 1: Heavy Arm Work
Day 2: Light Arm Work
Day 3: Off
Day 4: Heavy Triceps + Chest + Shoulders
Day 5: Triceps Pump
Day 6: Back + Heavy Biceps
Day 7: Legs

get bigger arms

A few notes on this split:
• Days 4, 5, and 6 alternate each week to ensure optimal development of both the biceps and the triceps over the course of the six weeks, although you could opt to prioritize the biceps, or the triceps, for the duration of the program.
• Since the triceps are heavily involved in pressing movements, opt to use isolation exercises for chest and shoulders to prevent overworking the triceps. Don’t worry about strength at this point, as there is enough pressing and dips to maintain chest and shoulder strength.
• The same can be said for the back and biceps. Aim to perform a higher volume of straight-arm pulldowns and pullovers to spare the biceps for their direct efforts, and maintain overall back strength by including either deadlifts or rack pulls to stimulate the erectors.
• If you don’t have the luxury of training five days per week but you can get to the gym twice in one day, then you could perform the second workout four to six hours after the first workout, followed by a day off.

This program is a variation of what is called a “concentrated loading cycle” and is sure to increase the diameter of your pipes by the end of the six weeks. After completing this program, it’s in your best interest to lower the amount of volume of work performed to allow for the body to super compensate to the high volume of work that you just put it through. Feel free to give this workout a shot if you plan on hitting the beach hard this summer and want to sport a bigger pair of guns.

Here is a sample of what these workouts will look like. Feel free to substitute your favorites exercises where applicable.

Day 1
A1. Barbell Curl
A2. Close-Grip Decline Press
B1. Alternating Dumbbell Curl
B2. Dips
C1. Hammer Curl
C2. Top-Half Bench Press
Perform five sets of four to six reps for each superset

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts of this program. For instance, there is a reason for the low-rep scheme in this workout. These heavier loads are in place to maximize muscle-fiber recruitment, to which you’ll exhaust in the following days, but without the muscle fibers first being recruited, they cannot be fatigued and thus will go undertrained. The goal for Day 1 is not to exhaust the muscles, but rather to prime them for the work to come, as the heavy loads will increase your capacity to recruit more muscle fibers when performing less daunting work.

bigger arms

Day 2
A1. Machine Curl
A2. Cable Pressdown
Perform 12 total supersets, eight to 10 reps each set

In this workout, you’re only doing one exercise for the biceps and one for the triceps; however, the exercise changes every three sets.
• For the first three supersets, include a double contraction by performing a full-range rep, and upon reaching maximal arm flexion lowering the weight about two to four inches before returning to the fully contracted position. That’s one rep with a double contraction.
• For the second trio of sets, perform a double contraction after each full-range rep but this time with the muscles in the fully lengthened position.
• For sets seven through nine, perform as many partial reps as possible in the fully contracted position upon reaching full-range failure (which should fall between eight and 10 reps).
• And for the final three sets, perform as many partial reps as possible in the fully lengthened position upon reaching full-range failure

Day 5
For Biceps:
A1. Incline Dumbbell Curl: Eight to 10 reps
A2. Incline Hammer Curl: As many reps as possible using the same weight
A3. Standing Alternating Dumbbell Curl: As many reps as possible using the same weight
A4. Standing Hammer Curl: As many reps as possible using the same weight
A5. Isometric Curl Hold: Drop one dumbbell and, using both hands, hold the other with arms bent at 90 degrees for as long as possible

For Triceps:
A1. Lying Triceps Extension: Eight to 10 reps
A2. Close-Grip Bench Press: As many reps as possible using the same bar and weight
A3. Dips: As many reps as possible
A4. Top Range Partial Dips: As many reps as possible
A5. Isometric Dip Hold: Lower yourself to a 90-degree bend in the elbow and hold for as long as you can
Perform five total circuits, resting for three minutes between each

Days 4 and 6
Pick one biceps or triceps exercise (depending on which muscle is being prioritized that week) and perform four sets of six to eight reps, along with the other muscle groups listed.

By Vince DelMonte

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