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  • Burn More Calories With These 3 Types Of Workouts

      Calories provide the energy your body needs to walk, eat, sleep, go up the stairs, and do other day-to-day activities....

    AbsIronManAugust 5, 2022
  • How To Stay Fit Outside Of The Gym

    There are days you might be unable to make it to the gym for your usual routine workouts. These days, you...

    adviceIronManMay 24, 2021
  • The WorkOut Session

    We can separate people into two categories in the gym. No, not the dedicated versus the lazy. I am talking about those with genetically blessed calves...

    AdviceCindy MamOctober 8, 2018
  • Pull Ups With Dr. Stuart McGill

    Improve speed, power, and neuro drive with this exercise created by a foremost authority in spinal biomechanics. In May of 2013,...

    adviceCindy MamOctober 4, 2018
  • Get A Good Workout with Mike Rashid

    Muscle sensation Mike Rashid, whose motto is “Train Your Mind as Hard as You Train Your Body,” explains his shoulder massifier step...

    Athlete InterviewsCindy MamJuly 16, 2018
  • Create Big-Ass Shoulders With Mike Rashid

    His motto “Train Your Mind as Hard as You Train Your Body,” may test your muscles and your mind.

    Athlete InterviewsIron Man MagazineMarch 21, 2016
  • How To Do Cable Torso Rotation

    Set the pulley on the cable machine to chest height with a D-handle attachment. Stand upright facing the cable machine and...

    AbsIron Man MagazineSeptember 29, 2015
  • Get Bigger Arms In 6 Weeks With This Program

    With summer fast approaching, people are in a frenzy to put the final touches on their physique so they can be...

    ArmsIron Man MagazineSeptember 28, 2015
  • Intensify The Volume: Thomas DeLauer

    Big dense pecs and eye-popping arms simply say a lot about you.  However, if you want to generate serious size and...

    ChestIron Man MagazineSeptember 28, 2015
  • How To Do Sit-Up Plank

    Settle into a decline bench as you would for a normal sit-up with your legs secured and arms in front of...

    AbsIron Man MagazineSeptember 24, 2015
  • The Case For Being Strong – Part 1

    Do you ever stop and think about what you want out of your workouts? Or do you just show up to...

    Beginning BodybuildingIron Man MagazineSeptember 23, 2015
  • The Art Of Training – Workout Principles Matter More

    The beautiful thing about creating training programs is that the options are infinite and you literally get to see your knowledge...

    Goal SettingIron Man MagazineSeptember 17, 2015
  • Better Results With Simple Training

    Studying what types of exercises most effectively and efficiently elicit gains, Paulo Gentil and colleagues aimed to examine the effects of...

    LatestIron Man MagazineAugust 26, 2015
  • How To Boost Your Metabolic Rate

    I’ll tell you one thing, and that is, steady state-low intensity cardio will NOT increase your metabolic rate. Quite the opposite...

    FitnessSharon OrtigasMarch 21, 2015
  • Hell Raiser Training for Chest and Triceps

    Another workout update. I am now 15 weeks out from competing in the Natural Mr. Universe contest on September 1st in...

    Blog PostJohn HansenMay 22, 2012