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What’s wrong with this picture?  Or is there something wrong or right that nobody picked up on at that particular moment?  Obviously, the two new interviewers for Muscular Development, Flex Wheeler and Sugar Shawn Ray who are very familiar faces in the bodybuilding community seem out of place compared to the usual face of MD interviewer Dave Palumbo.  Bill Comstock was the only member of the previous MD video crew; was this a hidden message?

I’m not questioning or criticizing the interviewing skills of Flex and Shawn because I thought they did a great job interviewing IRON MAN’s Lonnie “The Swami” Teper on Friday prior to the IRON MAN Pro XX.  In fact, they tried to throw The Swami a curveball during the interview by asking him to name all of the previous IRON MAN PRO winners in chronological order.  The Swami was flawless.  See the interview by clicking here.

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