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The Shot That Was Heard Around The Bodybuilding World

Well kind of; actually it was a bunch of emails that were fired off in cyberspace.  In my previous blog entry about Muscular Development’s new interview team, Flex Wheeler and Sugar Shawn Ray, I had mentioned if there was a hidden message looming about.  Well there was and it didn’t manifest itself until Monday, February 2nd into my email inbox.  The word was out that Dave Palumbo and John Romano had been terminated at MD.

So now the pieces of the puzzle were falling into place.  I’m not one to go around spreading gossip or slinging dirt at the expense of someone, I just tell the facts.  On February 5th, I received an email from Dave inviting me to join his and John Romano’s new bodybuilding social network, MuscleSpace.  I was suprised to see that the two of them were back in business so soon; no not really because I know Dave has a big following and is saavy with the internet.  I have not joined because I just don’t have the time to.

The news of Dave and John’s termination from MD must have stirred up the pot pretty good. This shot must have ricocheted all over the place prompting MD’s Publisher/Editor-in_Chief, Steve Blechman to post a statement on the MD website on February 4th to set the record straight.  Taking the statement for face value, I commend Mr. Blechman for squelching all the rumours and gossip regarding this incident.  Click on and read the MD Forum No Bull post “Statement by Steve Blechman Regarding Dave and John’s Termination” to see for yourself.

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