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Debbie Leung

Height: 5’2”
Weight: 128 off-season; 115 contest
Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada—otherwise known as Winterpeg
Current residence: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Occupation: Physical therapist, business owner and certified acupuncturist

Workout schedule: “I have more recently switched to a two- or three-day workout split. The changes for figure with the IFBB/NPC keep me intrigued to see what changes I can accomplish with my physique. I’m currently working on downsizing my muscularity a little bit while keeping an athletic appearance. Since the Arnold this year I have also picked up a new sport—Aussie Rules Football with the Calgary Kookaburras. My team nickname is ‘Muscles.’”

Sample bodypart workout (chest): Incline presses, 4 x 12; cable crossovers (using low handles), 3 x 10; superset flat-bench flyes and pop pushups, 2 x 6

Favorite foods: “Chocolate, nuts, peanut butter…um, did I say chocolate? :) During contest prep I make a killer health-conscious pumpkin pie—yum!”

Factoid: “I began competing in 2000 and won the Canadian National Lightweight title in bodybuilding in 2002 before making the switch to figure in 2003. I haven’t looked back since. I always love to try new sports and activities, so in 2000, prior to doing physique competitions, I competed for a season with the Canadian Skeleton Team. That was a bobsled team, and we’d go 65-plus miles per hour downhill on a bobsled track—headfirst! I’m excited this year to hold the position of vice president with our local bodybuilding and fitness association.”

Future plans: “My future plans are to hit the stage again in 2009 with a more refined and polished physique. I’m really enjoying the diversity of modeling combined with another one of my passions!”

Contact info:—relaunched October 2008—or send e-mail to [email protected]

Compiled by Johnathan Lawson
Photography by Michael Neveux

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