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Chris “The Hawaiian Hurricane” Faildo Guest Poser at the Iron Man Magazine Naturally Championships

Nicknamed "The Hawaiian Hurriclean", the Honolulu-based Faildo said he first found out about the show after watching Lonnie Teper’s video at detailing the return of the event, being held in conjunction with the Los Angeles Fitness Expo on January 29-30.

"I was really excited to see John Balik (Iron Man Publisher) was adding a tested contest to the FitExpo," said Faildo, "and I jumped on the phone and called Lonnie, telling him that I would love to guest pose and contribute in any way I can. I think this will be a great contest, with a lot of outstanding physiques on stage, and told him I would be honored to contribute to its success."

Faildo, 44, won both the Lightweight and Welterweight class at the Team Universe, the NPC’s drug-tested National Championships, and took the Overall crown in 2007. He also topped the field in the Lightweight division at the USA in 1993, and finished as high as second at the World Amateur Championships. "I still train like I’ve always have," says Faildo, "and plan to be as good, if not better, than I was when I won the TU." Faildo will also be greeting fans at the Iron Man booth over the weekend, joining another NPC drug free bodybuilding champion, Dave Goodin.

"Chris not only has one of the most symetrical drug-free physiques I’ve seen in my nearly 50-year involvement with the industry, but he is also one of the greatest posers," says Balik. "And, he’s terrific with the fans. Those who will meet him over the weekend will see what I mean."

Chris’ Bio

“From day one I vowed never to use drugs… ANY DRUGS. I was raised that way and it was forever embedded in my mind by a strong family. I never succumbed to the temptation of getting bigger, stronger and harder through the use of anabolic steroids, because I convinced myself I could win naturally. I strongly believe that we can all achieve our goals if we have the true desire to do so. Because we deal with a human body and a lifestyle with so many variables, we must learn true patience. There are no guarantees when dealing with such a complex organism such as our body. In addition, our bodies have the wonderful capability to adapt to any internal or external changes that we may try to manipulate in our quest for a championship physique.” -Chris Faildo

Birth name: Chris Faildo
Born and Raised: May 9, 1966 / Honolulu, Hawaii
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 185lbs off season/ 165lbs contest condition
Certified Personal Trainer
Distribution of Supplements
Co-Owner of "Hurricane Cafe & Juice Bar" inside Gold’s Gym Honolulu
Owner of Apex Printing
Retired with 22 years of service with the Army National Guard

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