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I’ve never understood the whole protein shake fad, post-workout. Granted, I believe in re-feeding right after training. But re-feeding with dehydrated hydrolyzed milk molecules? Is that really the best source of fuel post-workout? Does that even taste good?

I am an advocate of real food. Want some gains? Eat a cheeseburger post-workout. Add bacon and avocado if you want too. It’s all good. For our health nuts out there, watching their girlish figure, lets break down a cheeseburger:

1) It has beef. Beef builds muscle. And assuming its real quality beef (and not that fake fast food meat), then that’s a lot more absorbable than any protein powder.

2) Bread (flour) is a simple carbohydrate. And although I’d prefer rice over flour as a carb source, rice isn’t going to hold a cheeseburger together. Nonetheless, the simple carb yields an insulin spike. And post-workout, that’s what you want: Quick energy. Simple carbs also begin digestion and the absorption of protein (in this case, beef).

3) The rest of the cheeseburger is basically vegetables. A salad, if you really think about it: Lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles.

So really, what is a cheeseburger? I’d say, it’s just a beef salad with a side of bread.
So before you pour your next protein shake, ask yourself if a cheeseburger sounds better. And if it does, take your ass out for some real food.


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