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  • Stubborn Bodyparts: Chest Training

    Q: Recently, IRON MAN has become my favorite mag. I love the X-Rep routines . I’ve been working...

    John HansenSeptember 27, 2011
  • Inner/Outer-Thigh Machines

    The inner/outer-thigh—a.k.a. adductor/abductor—machine is the result of too many trainees overstretching and spraining knee ligaments by using cables attached to their...

    Joseph M. Horrigan, D.C.September 12, 2011
  • 10 Tips for Lagging Muscles

    Q: If you were trying to get a stubborn muscle group to grow, what would you list as the top 10...

    Eric BroserSeptember 4, 2011
  • Do Olympic Lifting Exercises Increase Arm Size?

    Q: Do Olympic-lifting exercises have any value to a bodybuilder in increasing arm size? A: Yes, strange as that may sound....

    Charles PoliquinSeptember 1, 2011
  • Building a Big Back and Chest

    Q: I’m looking for a good chest and back workout that will give me a great pump. Any suggestions? A: I...

    Charles PoliquinAugust 27, 2011
  • Beginning Arm Training

    What typically happens with someone who begins training is that strength increases first followed by muscle size.

    John HansenAugust 12, 2011
  • Shoulder Size and Striations

    Q: Do you work traps with shoulders or with back? Where do you recommend putting shoulder training in your workout splits,...

    Dave GoodinJuly 9, 2011
  • Great Workouts for Neglected Bodyparts

    When performing back extensions, extend your trunk no higher than parallel to the floor. To increase resistance, place a loaded barbell...

    Charles PoliquinJuly 7, 2011
  • FD/FS and Muscle-Building Successs

    Q: I’ve been a P/RR/S user for many years and recently tried your Fiber Damage/Fiber Saturation program. I love it. It’s...

    Eric BroserJune 26, 2011
  • Muscle-Building Success for Stinky Calves

    Q: I will get right to the point: My calves stink. They refuse to grow. I think I’ve tried everything, but...

    Eric BroserJune 23, 2011
  • Biceps on a Budget

    Q: I live in a small apartment and have only a flat-to-incline bench, including a Scott bench attachment, and an adjustable...

    Charles PoliquinJune 21, 2011
  • Getting A Weak Back to Grow

    Q: My back is my weak point. What did you do to get your back to grow? A: My back was...

    John HansenJune 19, 2011
  • Basic Triceps Torchers

    Q: I need some advice on close-grip bench presses and triceps dips. I’ve been trying to get them to work for...

    John HansenJune 18, 2011
  • Fixing Biceps Problem with Spider Curls

    Q: I love your Positions of Flexion. I’ve gained about 10 pounds since I started using it, but one problem I...

    Steve HolmanJune 17, 2011
  • 4-Bys for Size and Shorter Workouts

    Q: I’m working long hours these days and don’t have a lot of time to work out. Do you think doing...

    Steve HolmanJune 16, 2011