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Height: 5’4″
Age: 30
Weight: 110
Hometown: Elko, NV
Current residence: Venice, CA
Marital status: Never been married.

Workout schedule: “Health is a state of mind. I never just work out. Nothing is separate from the entire body-that is, the self. My main focus is my state of mind, which is represented by my breath. Whether I’m weight training or doing yoga, ballet, plyometrics, ball training or meditating or detoxing with a sauna or steam, I’m always creating a calm, free breath that in turn is a moving meditation. It helps encourage the visualization of what I want to look like and who I want to be.”

Favorite foods: Fresh juice, an awesome raw salad and raw ice cream. “Anything that is in a raw, living state. Mother Nature is my guide!”

Occupation: Holistic practitioner “I help people create a lifestyle called health. I offer a Starter Kit of Nutritional Insight and then personally train them in yoga and outdoor exercise and activities. I offer independent consultations by appointment only. Those interested can call (310) 663-5275.”

Factoid: “My dream is to help the world reach optimal health – to give everyone a new bill of health through my starter kit. Health is happiness. When we learn to make health a priority, then our lives just seems to be better, feel better, and, ultimately, we look better. Health is a lifestyle. I want to share my wisdom and get you started.”

Special thanks: “IRON MAN magazine for trusting me; Michael Neveux, photographer, for believing in me; Keith Berson, assistant photographer and set designer, for his beautiful energy; Joe Wheatley, Muscle Beach, for getting me started; Mario da Silva, my personal trainer, (310) 245-9077; Whole Foods Market, West Los Angeles, food and flower sponsor; The Aloha Sanctuary, shoot location, (310) 401-1260; Alexandra Grose, hair and makeup, (310) 985-3730; Total Tan in Marina del Rey, CA, (310) 827-5228; Ryan Reynolds, my love and confidant, raw-food chef and set designer, (323) 304-0005.”

Contact info and Web site:

Compiled by Jonathan Lawson
Photography by Michael Nevuex

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