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Basic Concepts for Lean Mass Gains – Training Session Length

What I’m about to share is not new or innovative concept. It just happens to be one of those “violations” I witness on a daily basis in every gym. With so many people frustrated with their lack of progress, it’s easy to get into the frame of mind that more is better and that working out hours on end would be or could be the root to success. The truth is that massive muscle gains cannot be accomplished without an intelligent approach to training.

It’s been said over and over. Keep your workouts short, challenging intense and focused. That means once your warm-up is completed, the clock is ticking. Any workout lasting over an hour is a waste of time. If you’re in the gym longer than that, you’re not training for progress––you’re training to endure the workout. If you’re goal is to increase muscle mass – training more than an hour may actually hinder progress or halt it all together. Bulgarian weightlifting coaches once suggested that testosterone levels decline after 45 minutes of training. All your work should be intense and completed within that time frame. Enter the gym with a victorious attitude ready to devote all your attention and effort to the task at hand.

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