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Pictured above: Me, Jon Harris, Jim Cordova, and Dr. Joe…..doing a little post workout partying.

It’s been a month since I posted a blog! It sure didnt’ seem that long. Up until about a week and a half ago there was just nothing too exciting to write about. I had to back off the intensity for a few weeks starting mid-December. My shoulders, elbows, back and knees were hurting and I needed to be feeling better when I attended Dr. Joe’s Fantasy Bodybuilding Camp Jan. 4-6. Part of the draw of the camp is that the attendees get to workout with the Pros. So, I needed to be feeling good enough to train at the Pro level. The Camp was so much fun! In addition to me and Dr. Joe Klemczewski, there were Pro Natural World Champions Jim Cordova (2007), and Jonathon Harris (2006). Other Pros working with the camp were Duke Bell, Mary Bell, Shawn McCauley and Layne Norton. During workout segments there were about 15-18 serious people training in a relatively small gym, with great equipment and driving metal music. You could literally taste the intensity as the campers did their best to keep up with the Pros who stoked and training at the highest levels! It was simply awesome to witness! It’s always a treat to get to listen to Dr Joe speak about nutrition and training, and with Layne Norton in attendance everyone came away with great cutting edge information. I think the most inspiring part of the camp for me was the round table question and answer session with all the Pros. Listening to Jim, Jon, and Duke talk about their mental approach to training and seeing the passion that they have for it really got me stoked. While I arrived home on Sunday night very tired and very sore (and a bit hung over), working at Dr. Joe’s Fantasy Camp really recharged my mental batteries. Since I’ve returned home every workout has been fantastic!

Today I had (by far) the best leg workout I’ve had since before the Team Universe in mid-July. I was able to increase my heaviest (post injury) leg press by 90 lbs…..cranking out 20 reps with 720 lbs today! I increased my squats another 25 lbs, up to 275 for 6 reps, and then cranked out 20 below parrallel reps with 185 lbs. As I’m sitting here writing 4 hours later, my left quad is on the verge of cramping!

Leg press 8 sets 20 reps

Squats 5 sets 10, 10 10, 6, 20

Seated Leg Curl (separately) 4 sets 10-12 reps (they were on fire!)

Leg Extensions 4 sets 12-15 reps

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