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Another Day, Another Workout

Today is one of those days I am absolutely not motivated to workout at all whatsoever. I just want to sit on my couch, do laundry, watch Netflix, and drink some wine. But I am persevering and pulling through. I am forcing myself to go for a cardio workout at 7 pm and I intend on making it happen.

My new goal for 2016 is to stay below… wait for it, it’s a shocker… 150 pounds. Yes, I’m 150 pounds currently. And my goal for all of 2016 is stay below 150 and hover around 145. My issue is when I get to 140 and below, I get super tiny and lose all my curves. Not only that, my body starts to get a little crazy because my body fat percentage is so low (usually at that point around 12-15%). My hormones just get thrown off like crazy.

Anyways, back to my workout. I’m really close to being below 150. I literally weighed in at 150.6 this morning, so hopefully I crack 150 by next week. My diet has been really good and I’ve been much more consistent with my workouts now that the quarter has ended. So for today’s cardio session I am doing the following:

30 minute jog, 10 minutes of uphill walking @ 3.0 mph, 10% grade, 10 minutes of walking lunges at 0.8 mph, 5% grade, and 10 minutes of side shuffling and backwards jogging at 2.0 mph. It’s going to be a rough hour, but I’ll get through it.

And of course, I’m going to end with some booty work. I only work glutes on days that end in ‘y’!

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