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Leg Circuit

Today, was leg day and it was a rough one! ell, only because I decided to keep it high intensity and more plyo like. So that consisted of 2 circuits. 3 exercises each. high reps.

Circuit 1- Squat with a dumbbell press 15 reps, jumping lunges 20 reps, seated row 15 reps

Circuit 2- sliding side lunges 12 reps each leg, Bulgarian squat jumps 10 reps each leg, ladder squat jumps

That 2nd circuit was killer. My thighs were burning so much by the time the 6th set came. As always I rested 1-1.5 minutes between each set, but even that didn’t feel like long enough during the 2nd set. But I have a video here of a few of the moves from the second circuit. Enjoy!

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