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2008 Olympia Predictions Through The Lens

This year has been quite interesting sitting in the “pit” photographing the pro competitors. As far as what the judges are looking for, in my opinion, the only two divisions that have remained constant are the Men’s and Fitness. The Women’s and Figure divisions are going through some change as far as what the judges are looking for. I wouldn’t place all your chips on the favorites.

The 2008 Olympia will prove to be interesting for 3 out of the 4 divisions; Women, Figure and Fitness, in that order. The Men’s division will be interesting only to see how everyone else places behind Jay Cutler, again. I don’t think the 2008 Olympia will be as close as some thought the 2007 “O” was when Victor Martinez took second place. This year, Dennis Wolf will replace Victor in 2nd place.

Yaxeni Oriquen’s year is 2008 and Dayana Cadeau will be an “Olympia” bridesmaid again, sorry Dayana. Gina Aliotti will dethrone Jenny Lynn and new faces and bodies will make it into the top 5. The closest division to call is Fitness and I expect a good cat fight between Tracey Greenwood and Jen Hendershott with Tracey coming out ahead by a whisker.

Well, if my predictions are close, I expect the Swami, Lifter and Yogi to give me some “Olympia Wrap Up” video time on “The Experts” as the fourth Expert. If I totally blow it, I’ll just go back to my room and download my pictures and post them on the IRON MAN website. See you at the Olympia. Digitally Speaking, here’s my predictions:

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