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Wan Hot Babe Among Many

For those who feel that the 35-and-over age requirement for masters in the women’s physique sports is a little low, consider that Christine Wan, the winner of the first ever pro-masters-figure competition, is 40. As a wise man often says, age is only a number when you train hard and look good.

Hats off (or is that bras unhooked?) to Atlantic City promoters Ron Goldstein and Stokley Palmer for thinking that so-called older babes might be worth a look. Thirteen women turned up at the Trump Marina thinking that it might be fun for a change to earn a little cash for being over a certain age. Wan looked fabulous and relaxed onstage, winning the judges’ hearts to the tune of a perfect score. Other budding cougars who picked up some prize money included the rest of the top five—fitness and figure vet Melissa Frabbiele, second; Tivisay Briceno, third; Juliana Malacarne, fourth; and Jeanette Kolonias, fifth.


Atlantic City Masters Pro Figure victory shot (from left): Jeanette Kolonias, Tivisay Briceno, Christine Wan, Stokley Palmer, Melissa Frabbiele and Juliana Malacarne

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