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Why should I include fat in my diet?

Q: Why should I include fat in my diet?

ironmanmagazine.comA: You must include fat in your diet unless you wish to die. Fat is an essential macronutrient, meaning your body requires it in large quantities—“macro”— in order to exist. In the absence of fat, you will rapidly deteriorate and die. Unfortunately, fat has been demonized by some very poor science, thanks in large part to the charlatanry perpetrated by Ancel Keys, who is responsible for shaping the United States government’s food policy and so the production and marketing incentives to food companies.

Basically, the fear of dietary fat is a crock. Certain fats are worth avoiding, but they are not what people tend to think. The short version is that animal fats are good—eat them to your heart’s content. On the other hand, grain-based fats are actually bad, so don’t even look at them. The forbidden fats include “vegetable” oil, corn oil, soy oil, canola oil, peanut oil and anything that reads “hydrogenated.” Olive oil is okay. Coconut, walnut and macadamia oils are also fine to consume.


Editor’s note: Ben White won his first IFBB professional bodybuilding contest, the Tampa Pro, in 2010. He is also a champion powerlifter and frequently competes in the World’s Strongest Bodybuilder contest at the Olympia. His best competition bench press is 711 pounds. He is an MPH athlete,  IM


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