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What’s A Great Preworkout Caffeine Kick?

7212-mind7Q: I know you’re big on caffeine, but what about drinking coffee instead of taking caffeine pills?

A: Coffee is fine, but you must avoid putting sugar in it. Taking sugar or other carbohydrates with coffee completely negates the caffeine’s stimulant effect. A recent study showed that when a group of volunteers ate a high-carbohydrate meal along with taking caffeine, the stimulatory effect was reduced by 90 percent compared to a group that just took caffeine in a fasted state.

Further, research suggests that you can maximize the antioxidant properties of coffee by brewing it in a percolator or French press. Those two methods, however, have been shown to increase the amount of cafestol in the coffee, a compound that elevates cholesterol. So, if cholesterol is a concern, you may want to use unbleached coffee filters to brew your coffee or avoid coffee altogether.

—Charles Poliquin 


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