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Sandy Lieu and Emmanuel Delcour

Photographed at Gold’s Gym, Venice, California by Jerry Fredrick


Sandy Lieu

Age: 25  Weight: 98

Height: 4’10”

Sample workout, lower body: Squats, 3 x 8-12; leg presses, 3 x 8-12; leg extensions, 3 x 8-12; leg curls, 3 x 8-12; hyperextensions, 3 x 8-12; split jumps + pop squats, 3 x 15-20

Factoids: I am OCD when it comes to organizing and cleanliness. I’m currently working on launching my website,


Emmanuel Delcour

Age: 33  Weight: 200

Height: 6’2”

Sample workout, shoulders and arms: Tri-set, 3 rounds: lateral raises x 15, DB front raises x 15, DB delt kickbacks x 15; tri-set, 3 rounds: military presses x 15, EZ-curl-bar curls x 15, rope extensions x 15; tri-set, 3 rounds: close-grip bench presses x 15, machine preacher curls x 15, 4-way neck machine x 15 (each way); cardio: bike, 35 minutes

Factoid: I work as a private French chef, cooking organic French fusion food, while also being a trainer and nutritionist.

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