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WAR Workout Anabolic Recovery

Heat Shock protein technology is a new approach to superfast recovery. “Heat Shock and awe” kicks protein synthesis into overdrive, pumping out proteins for recovery and the growth of new muscle. Locked and loaded with AARM—the name WAR gives to the complex of amino acids in exact proportion to what’s found in human muscle—it gives you an anabolic strike force that overwhelms enemies of muscle growth. Now you can conquer new ground and never retreat.

Reload—fast and furious

• Crea-Charge is 100 percent pure creatine pyruvate, clinically proven to be absorbed faster and 29 percent more bioavailable than creatine monohydrate. 

• Proprietary glutamine blend boosts plasma glutamine 50 percent within 30 minutes, creating hypervolumized muscles bellies.

• 50/50 waxy maize and MM500 blend is a perfect balance of muscle fuel and glycogen-stuffing waxy maize that kicks up insulin for a rush of anabolic nutrients into action.

Repair—protect and serve

• Heat Shock protein technology rapidly accelerates protein synthesis for tissue repair and provides armor against exercise-induced oxidative damage.

Schizandra chinensis is clinically proven in trained athletes to significantly reduce coritsol while simultaneously stimulating nitric oxide and arachidonic acid release.

Rebuild—ready to grow

• With an amino acid blend identical to the amino acid complex found in human muscle, AARM is new muscle about to be born.

Yucca shidigera, an arginase inhibitor and eNOS upregulator, is WAR’s breakthrough dual-action NO booster. It helps decrease arginine breakdown, resulting in greater arginine caches for longer-lasting pumps, and jacks up arginine conversion to NO. 

For the ultimate battle chest, stack WAR with Black Powder and NO2 Black. There’s more information at

Instantized Creatine- Gains In Bulk

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