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Visualization or just wishful thinking?

When you look at yourself what do you see? I am always surprised with the answers that I get from people. Some of the most successful and beautiful people that I have ever worked with just don’t see what I see when they look at their own lives or themselves in the mirror. Why is this question important? As a competitor, you have be able to see your future. You must be able to look at yourself and not only see what you must change, but more importantly you must be able to see what you will become.

If you can’t look into the mirror and see what is going to be, then the possibility of transforming into this image will fade with the first challenge that comes your way. Most competitors almost always focus on the things they want to change about themselves. “I want my butt like ….” “I want my arms bigger.” “I need my…. to look better.” and so forth. This is great thinking when you want to improve your physique, but it is only half the equation. A successful person must also temper this kind of critical analysis with recognition of the good qualities that they possess. And they must be able to believe that these things will and are happening now.

"What do you see?"

When I look into the mirror I have always taken note of the things that I want to change, but I also see what I want to happen and I know it is a reality or soon will be. I see myself as an evolving process that is taking shape in the ways that I want and believe. There have been lots of books written on visualization over the years and in general I would have to agree that visualization is very powerful stuff when applied consistently. What you see for yourself, your body, and your life will come to happen. This is a assured. You will make as much money as  you think you will, you will have the kind of relationship that you think you deserve, and your body will change in ways that you believe that it can.

The power of what I am talking about is the power of your own ability to believe in you, what you want, and what you desire. What you really believe will happen in your life, and to your body has everything to do with all the destinations of your life. Your life and your body follows belief. If you believe something to be true, it will be true in all its consequences. Most of the time most call this attitude. I like to think of attitude more as a reflection of what you believe. No matter what you call it, your attitude and your beliefs will impact your body’s progress and your life’s journey. The best part of this story is that you get to choose what you believe. Don’t accept anything from yourself that you don’t want. Look at yourself in the mirror and see what you want and become what you want.

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