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Victor Newsom

Victor NewsomI was really interested in talking with Victor Newsom because I wanted to find out how a senior executive at a good-size company who’s married—with four kids—and has a black belt in tae kwon do finds the time to get to the gym, stay in shape and become one of the top transformations on BodySpace at Well I found out.

He owes a lot to his wife Kim, who’s also on BodySpace as “VicsAngelKim,” and on the fitness journey in life with him. The rest I can sum up as motivation, organization and consideration.

Vic has always been an achiever. As a 1989 graduate of the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, he spent his time in the Navy working in nuclear power and had the honor of serving at the launch of the USS Maryland, an Ohio-class submarine. He was also on the judo team at Annapolis, which led him further into the discipline of martial arts.

After the Navy, Vic married Kim, started a family and worked in the family business, but he’s now found a home as the chief operations officer at ECommLink, an electronic prepaid debit-processing company. Located in Las Vegas, Vic and his family have embraced a lifestyle of doing as opposed to talking about what other people are doing. The entire family spends time together hiking, traveling—even if it’s just day trips—and exploring. And both Vic and Kim are devoted to the gym, although on different schedules.

Here’s the consideration part: Vic and Kim both understand each other’s schedules and what it takes to get to the gym. Vic sometimes goes twice a day, in the morning for cardio and then after work for some lifting. Kim, as a full-time mom, gets to the gym after the kids are off to school. There is another consideration, the one that involves Vic’s job. ECommLink trusts him to get his work done even when he must adjust his schedule to get to his workouts. In return, Vic gives his utmost attention to getting things done at his job.

The organization part is something you’d almost expect from a chief operations officer. His diet is laid out on a spreadsheet, enabling him to make continuing computer entries. Organization actually got Vic into BodySpace. He was looking for a way to do tracking, journaling and goal setting, and it was all there.

Vic likes the community of like-minded people on BodySpace as well as all the information, such as the many training videos, especially those by world-famous trainer Charles Glass.

So click on over to,’s community of fitness-loving people, and visit “SuperVic2007.” Maybe you’ll find even more tips on how to get it all done.

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