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Turn Up The Heat And Burn More Fat

burn more fat

The most basic concept for weight loss is balancing caloric intake with caloric expenditure. If you consume less than you burn, you’ll lose weight; and if you eat more than you burn, you’ll pack the pounds on. Unfortunately, it’s not always this simple. The harder you diet and exercise, the more your body resists you. Soon the same diet that initially promoted fat burning and weight loss gains will result in weight maintenance or even weight gain. This is a consequence of a slowed metabolism, and there is nothing more frustrating to a fitness enthusiast.

Recognizing this weight-loss impediment, scientists have searched for ways to boost metabolic rate. Most think that turning up the heat is important for maintaining a high metabolism, but it may be just the opposite. Research shows that the metabolism of animals is dramatically higher during the winter months and in response to cold exposure. Furthermore, recent groundbreaking research shows that people who simply sleep in slightly colder environments can significantly boost their metabolic rates. This makes sense, as maintaining a precise body temperature is crucial to our very survival.

Shivering is your body’s most basic way of maintaining heat during cold exposure, but the body also has a typically dormant, untapped metabolic pathway that preferentially burns fuel as heat. This is called non-shivering thermogenesis. The organ that operates this system is brown adipose tissue (BAT), and its activation may be the key to permanent weight loss. To elaborate, when your body starts to get cold, your brain senses this and releases signals that communicate and activate your BAT. When BAT is activated, it increases uncoupling protein 1 (UCP-1), which turns on the entire BAT fat-burning system. When UCP-1 is increased in BAT, you rapidly start to burn body fat. To put this in simple terms, when your fat tissue takes up nutrients, it typically uses them to produce ATP (energy) that can be stored for later use. But UCP-1 essentially disables this process. Instead, UCP-1 targets these calories and literally burns them off as heat, resulting in an increase in metabolism, thereby warm-ing your body during cold stress.

Consequently, research shows that BAT activity is higher in lean individuals versus overweight ones. It also declines as we age and decreases with prolonged dieting. The implications are that BAT activity in our bodies, or the lack thereof, may explain why we hit diet plateaus and why some people struggle with weight loss more than others.

Since its discovery, scientists have been seeking ways to activate dormant BAT in humans, but with little success. Recently, however, a West African plant called Grains of Paradise (GOP) was discovered. GOP is rich in the BAT-activating compound 6-paradol. In two clinical trials, hu-mans supplementing with this plant extract experienced significant improvements in metabolic rate and fat loss, and these results were shown to be dependent on activation of BAT.

BAT activation holds tremendous promise for athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to get lean and ripped. The repeated findings of GOP as a BAT-activating supplement are significant and may give you the power to unlock this unique metabolic fat-burning pathway. But how do you harness the power of GOP in the concentration and potency necessary to provide the fat-torching benefits you’re seek-ing? Fortunately, you don’t have to travel to West Africa to find this highly prized metabolism booster.

A groundbreaking formula called Phenbuterol from MuscleMeds contains a clinically efficacious dose of GOP that is standardized to be extremely potent in its most active compound, 6-paradol. Now you can activate the dormant BAT pathway and literally force your body to burn fat with Phenbuterol. In addition, select active ingredients in this potent formula also exert powerful energizing and mood enhancing effects to help take the edge off dieting.

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