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Tiffany Forni

Tiffany ForniOne of the most inspirational women on all of BodySpace: That certainly describes Tiffany Forni. Twenty-four-year-old Tiffany has gone from a 235-pound hockey-playing self-described nerd to the embodiment of physical fitness. After losing 70 pounds in only three months, she went on to figure competition, taking a first-place trophy in October 2008 and qualifying for NPC national-level competition after having lost almost 100 pounds.

In the process, Tiffany earned the coveted title of’s Female Transformation of the Year. And given all of the great people on BodySpace who live and love fitness, that’s no small accomplishment. At her favorite gym in Portland, Oregon, she now trains other people to build their fit and healthy selves.

Tiffany is always busy—creating her own recipes for healthful foods, planning and cooking her meals, prepping ideas, writing books and doing her own video series on

In between she holds down a job in the hotel business and travels a great deal. “Any excuse to get out of town and see new places,” she says. Among the new places Tiffany has seen on her fitness travels are Los Angeles for the FitExpo/IRON MAN Pro and Columbus, Ohio, for the Arnold. Next up, the Team Universe in New York and shortly thereafter a visit to the Olympia in Las Vegas.

You’ve probably seen Tiffany in the ads for BodySpace here in IRON MAN and other magazines, but she’s somewhat new to modeling. Physique of the Month is one of her first professional photo shoots, so I hope you enjoy the results. Visit Tiffany on at That’s right—her screen name is 31233, so be sure to ask her what that’s all about.

—Ian Sitren

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