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The Shape of Things to Come

www.ironmanmagazine.comMany trainees ask me how they can develop their abs and pecs to look like Jay Cutler’s or those of some other pro. The truth is, you can’t change the shape of your muscles into the shape of Jay’s or anyone else’s.

As muscles increase in size, it may seem that there’s a change in their shape, but the change is in the size of the existing shape. The ways in which you can change muscle shape include surgery, implants and, possibly, injury, none of which are recommended.

If you compare the abs of many big-name bodybuilders, you’ll find variations in shape. Some have six-packs, some appear to have four-packs, and a few seem to have eight-packs. Some have blocks of muscle that are taller and wider than others, some have blocks with a horizontal shape, some have oblique lines, and some have a very prominent gap down the central line of their abs.

A few bodybuilders seem to have no gap between their pecs, while a few have a prominent gap. Some have prominent “holes” in their upper pecs, directly under each collarbone, while others have pecs that are full all the way up. Some have a straight line at the bottom edge of their pecs, whereas others have a rounded shape.

Shape variations occur across all muscles, of course, not just abs and pecs.

Concentrate on what you can do: Develop the size of whatever shape of muscles you have, and keep yourself lean enough that you can see the lines and shape of your muscles.


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