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Arina Manta and Guy Grundy

ironmanmagazine.comArina Manta

Height: 5’4”  Weight: 113

Training: Monday: legs, abs; Tuesday: biceps, triceps, abs; Wednesday: beach workout (Rollerblading, sand resistance training); Thursday: glutes and hams, shoulders, abs, yoga; Friday: back, abs; Saturday: flexibility, yoga, meditation; Sunday: cardio, beach workout. Note: She does some form of cardio every day.

Factoids: From Romania, she trained as a gymnast and springboard diver at a very young age and became a pro springboard diver at 12—the youngest athlete ever to turn pro in that sport.


Guy Grundy

Height: 6’  Weight: 230

Training: Monday: chest, shoulders, triceps; Wednesday: back, traps, biceps; Friday: quads, hamstrings, calves. Note: He trains abs at every workout, and he also does a lot of stretching between sets to increase growth and prevent injuries.

Factoids: I have always wanted to be just like Arnold. That’s the reason I came to America from Australia. So far I have had acting roles in “CSI New York,” “The Deadliest Warrior” and “Shutter Island.” I have lead roles in two feature films coming out in late 2012.

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