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The Mindset of a Champion—Setting the Stage for Success

If we were engineers building a strong building, we’d need a set of plans—a blueprint for success. We wouldn’t haphazardly just start slapping steel girders and cement together, right? Well the same thing holds true for building a strong, well proportioned, muscular physique. You have to plan your success. The rewards of planning will pay off in success.

The first step is to develop the mindset of a champion. Arthur Jones is the father of HIT (high-intensity training) and the inventor of the Nautilus exercise machines. In his first published booklet on muscle building, Arthur said, “Next to intensity of effort, confidence may very well be the most important factor for the production of the best rate of training progress; without confidence in his ability to produce good results, a trainee will seldom produce them—and never in proportion to the efforts expended.”

That’s quite a statement, and it illustrates the power of “The Mindset of a Champion.”


Because Jones never made “off-the-cuff” statements without ample “in-the-trenches” evidence to back up his statements. Never! In order for him to make such a statement, he’d have to have had a lot of real-life evidence.

In the coming posts I’ll offer you what I learned from each champion about their incredible mindset and training and how you can develop the physique and mindset of a champion’s yourself.

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