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The Giant Killer: David Henry

David Henry, 3rd Place in the Men's DivisionEvery now and then, I receive an email from a news agency requesting permission to use one of my photos I have shot over the past 3 and a half years for IRON MAN Magazine.  Most of the time it is for the positive side of bodybuilding and the promotion of good health and fitness.  So far, I’ve had only one request for one of my photos that a newspaper wanted to use to identify an accused individual in a pending investigation.

Last week I was contacted by the Army Times Publishing Co. requesting a photo I took of David Henry at the 2007 Atlantic City Pro, where he placed 3rd. I’ve taken many more photos of The Giant Killer since that contest but it’s the one they wanted. I personally think some of my better photos of David were from the 2008 Olympia Weekend, Men’s and Men’s 202 and Under, placing 15th and 1st respectively. Photos from the 2009 IFBB New York Pro 202 & Under, 3rd Place; and 2009 Olympia Weekend, Men’s 202 and Under, 2nd Place; are my favorites of David.

One thing I did not know about The Giant Killer is that he is in the Air Force; something we have in common except that I retired from the Air Force in 2001 after 22+ years of service. I have a great deal of respect for David knowing the demands of being a top pro bodybuilder while serving his country. The operational tempo and deployments make it hard for the regular military service member; I can just imagine how hard it is for any pro athlete to train and compete on a regular basis.

I know I went off in a different direction than I intended to but here is the point of this whole blog: Read what David has to say in the article named “Get ripped: Build a bigger, badder, bolder body” in any the following publications:

Air Force Times
Army Times
Marine Corps Times
Navy Times

David, best of luck in the 2010 pro season and thank you for your service. HOOAH!

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