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The Energy of Invention

I’ve said it before, but my favorite part of publishing a national industry-leading magazine is the access it grants. I don’t mean access to parties or clubs, but access to the many talented and original people who are part of our fitness world. I am confident that the sheer volume of entrepreneurial spirit, passion, and ability to invent—and more importantly, reinvent—within our tight-knit community dwarfs other industries.

One of the best examples of this is Celeste Braun and her husband, PJ. They both had highly successful first-generation careers in fitness—Celeste as a leading WWE Diva, and PJ as an elite amateur bodybuilder and then a highly sought-after coach. Many people would have coasted on those careers for years. Fast-forward to today, though, and they are not only CEOs of their own fashion and supplement companies, but they are major social media influencers in the fitness-sphere. And neither of them have lost their own personal fire for fitness. Celeste is stronger, healthier, and hotter than ever while being more comfortable in her own skin. PJ looks like he could step onto a bodybuilding stage at a moment’s notice, and he still coaches athletes (usually for free) just for the love of the game.

These are the people I get to surround myself with every month when we produce another amazing issue of Iron Man. And every person I meet has their own story of triumph, from the model who is a full-time single dad to the guy who started a multimillion-dollar supplement company out of his parents’ garage. Being around this energy, soaking it up and channeling it, is addictive! It fuels my own workouts and ambitions.

My goal for Iron Man is to do more than show you images of world-class athletes and deliver cutting-edge training information. I want to share this unique energy so it motivates you and helps propel your own invention or reinvention. And then one day I’ll have access to you and the cycle with start again with the next generation. See how that works?

Binias Begovic


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