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The Best Oil To Maximize Testosterone Production

best oil for testosterone

The cholesterol found in dietary fat provides the crucial building blocks that your body needs to create vital bodybuilding hormones like testosterone. That’s why the low-fat diets of the 1990s left people feeling weak and sore, and more interested in watching Frasier than having sex. It turns out that some fats are better at synthesizing testosterone than others.

The medical journal Lipids published research by Argentinean scientists that showed the rates at which cholesterol from different cooking oils was absorbed by the testes. (Leydig cells within the tes-tes manufacture testosterone from cholesterol.) Rats were fed one of four types of oil grapeseed, soy, olive, or coconut oil for 60 days.

At the end of the experiment, the animals that received olive oil or coconut oil were producing significantly more testosterone than those who received soy or grape-seed oil. Scientists pointed out that the testes of those given olive and coconut oils were also heavier.When you’re preparing your meals, skip the overused vegetable oils like canola, safflower, or soy, and reach for the olive oil or coconut oil in order to maximize testosterone production.

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