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Texas Shredder Chest Workout

Today my buddy and Texas Shredder Classic co-promoter, David Nall, called and wanted to get a chest workout with me. We don’t workout together too often, but when we do the training is always great! We use pretty much the same weights on all the exercises so we were able to get through the workout pretty quickly.

Here’s how the workout went:

Bench press 5 sets 5-10 reps (I planned to stick with 10’s but got a little too heavy on one set)
Incline Press supersetted with Machine Pec Fly
4 supersets 8-10 reps each exercise.

I don’t usually work triceps with chest, but since David’s scheduled called for it I thought “what the heck?”

Here’s are tricep workout:

Seated DB tricep extension 6 sets 18-20 reps
Pressdowns supersetted with dips 3 supersets 10-12 reps per exercise.

Since we both had fantastic pumps going and we’re both preparing for shows, we decide to practice some posing together. My daughter, Molly, acted as head judge and put us through several rounds of the mandatory poses.

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