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Take it to The MAX in 2014

You don’t need me to tell you that a new year has descended upon us and that last year blew by like Bugatti Veyron at top speed.

The question is what did you accomplish last year?

More importantly what will you accomplish with the next 31 million, 536 thousand seconds.
I guess the question to ask yourself – “what do you want to accomplish? Or even simpler “what do you want?”
I’m going to suggest you invest at least 3600 of those precious seconds and decide what this year is going to be about for you.

Is it going to be about “trying” to lose weight, “trying” to gain a few pounds of muscle, or “trying” to finally achieve or maintain that lean sexy body you’ve always wanted…
…or is it going to be the year of getting the freaking job done and taking yourself to a new level?

You know…most people never get what they think they want. Instead most people tend to move in the direction of what they don’t want or even what they fear most.


Let me explain:

Shrug with DawnIt’s your feelings (your emotions) that lead to your actions and your actions are what ultimately lead to your results.
On the surface, at the level of your conscious thoughts you may want and hope to experience one thing… You know… that image you would like to see in the mirror of the perfect lean, muscular and sexy body and the strong, self assured you.

But If what’s going on below the surface at the level of your unconscious feelings and emotions is the fear of failing or that you may never experience what you want… or something even deeper – like you’re not worthy of looking and feeling that good…

Those feelings, the fears, doubts and uncertainties will override your conscious desires and lead to less than productive outcome oriented actions and ultimately far less than extraordinary results.

Unless YOU program your mind to move towards what you want it will always move towards what it FEARS…  And you’re better than that!

So this year instead of setting “Logical” ambiguous, thought driven GOALS (in other words what you THINK you’re suppose to accomplish…) let’s create “Purpose Driven and Passionately Fueled Outcomes” that you will accomplish.

Here are 2 of my 6 powerful strategies for creating achievable ACTION Goals. For the rest along with several other achievement resources go to…MAXMINDSET.COM

1. Make sure what you want to achieve is achievable and accessible: Setting your sights on winning this year’s National Championship when you haven’t yet taken home your first competition trophy is a great way to infect an otherwise ambitious objective with fear, doubt and uncertainty. Remember those emotions alone will keep that grand ambition from materializing now or in the near future. Keep it real… and with a little stretch… reachable.

2. Make it a Must: If it’s not already find a way to make your desired outcome is a MUST for you and not just another would, could or should. Passion and purpose are the power twins that will carry you over, under, around or through all the obstacles that stand between your objective and you. If you’re not completely impassioned about having this outcome in your life… let it go and move onto something that will squeeze every last drop of juice from your desire to be the best you can be.

Happy New Year! Now go out and pound it.


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