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SuperPump Max

What kind of athlete are you? That’s the question you have to ask yourself when deciding on a preworkout product. There are a lot of new wannabe “concentrate” products that use underdosed ingredients that do nothing more than give you a stimulant high and then a mind-melting crash.

Why be like everyone else? Gaspari Nutrition’s new SuperPump MAX uses researched doses of citrulline, carnitine tartrate, leucine and creatine and doesn’t cut you short on the ingredients you need. The idea is to avoid “concentrated” ingredients and a strong-stimulant crash and make the workout experience more positive—plus increase mass and perform better in the gym.

So the choice for athletes looks to be between concentrated and “researched” doses of preworkout supplements.  Real athletes, says Gaspari Nutrition, train with MAX. For more information, visit

Instantized Creatine- Gains In Bulk

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