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Super Show, Part 2—Bikini

Natalie Pennington scored a huge win at the Europa Super Show Pro Bikini on August 12 and 13 in Dallas, serving notice that she’d like to push into the top circles come Olympia time. Pennington, who appeared downright saucy in the back shots, definitely had the most polished presentation I’d ever seen on her, and she was very lean, earning her first ever pro victory.

I mention that because lean seemed to have been the word of the day in this 15-woman lineup, starting with sitting Olympia champ Sonia Gonzales, who looked kind of skinny in the pictures. What’s up with that? I thought. Then I saw the rest of the first callout, which also included Natalie, Jessica Jessie, Diana Dahlgren and Jessica Anderson.

Jessie looked good, as she always does, but she was not quite as lean as the others mentioned. Ditto for  Dahlgren, who I could have seen taking a top spot. That’s not exactly what happened, but it was all good. Natalie won, albeit not with a perfect score. Jessica J. was second, and Sonia had to settle for third. Since all three were previously qualified for the Bikini Olympia, the sliding qualification went to fourth-placer Diana, while Jessica A. landed in fifth.

One quick note: By lean I mean ribs visible. No one discussed was sporting a six-pack. Plus, it would not be wise to extrapolate that the top bikini physiques are trending leaner. Sonia got third, after all, which suggests either that she’s going to have a tough time in Las Vegas at the O  on September 16 and 17 or that the judges did not like the look she was sporting in Dallas—or both.

Find the complete results below.

Photo: Natalie Pennington. This shot was taken at the ’10 Olympia. The Super Show Bikini winner has come a long way since then.

’11 Europa Super Show Pro Bikini

1) Natalie Pennington*
2) Jessica Jessie*
3) Sonia Gonzales*
4) Dianna Dahlgren*
5) Jessica Anderson
6) Cristina Vujnich
7) Amanda Duncan)
8) Talia Terese Crowell
9) Brook Mora
10) Janet Harding
11) Dayna Maleton
12) Jennifer Andrews
13) Nicole Coleman
14) Taylor Matheny
15. Christie Marquez

*Qualifies for the ’11 Bikini Olympia.

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