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That’s Why They Call It the Super Show—Figure

Cowan and Pennington. Sounds like a law firm as opposed to the winners of a couple of physique competitions involving hot, fit women that took place in Dallas last weekend. If that seem like a stretch, let’s just say it’s my way of observing that Ava Cowan and Natalie Pennington laid down the law at the ’11 Europa Super Show Figure and Bikini contests, respectively, on  August 12 and 13.

For Ava, who looked as good as she ever has, according to reports, it was a declaration that she will be a serious contender at the Figure Olympia come September 16 and 17 in Las Vegas. For Natalie, who’s had a more erratic contest career on the pro bikini circuit, the statement was more basic: Don’t count me out.

Let’s start with figure. Cowan was third at the Figure International last March and the obvious favorite going into this show.  Cowan was superlean but she did look good, based on the photos, and her back, wow. The judges gave her the show with a perfect score.

The 25-woman lineup also included Heather Dees, who got second in Pittsburgh, Jami DeBernard, who got her pro card at the USA a couple of weeks ago, and Deena Walsh, a symmetrical brunette from Southern California who kind of sneaks up you. Also onstage: Ella Horton, who won the over-45 overall at the ’10 NPC Masters Nationals and who took third at the Optimum Pro Classic in May. The results were a bit surprising to some observers: Walsh took the runner-up spot, unanimously, with Horton beating Heather out for third by a single point and DeBernard rounding out the top five in her pro debut. Not bad for Jami. Again, based on the photos (which is not the same as being there), those placings seemed about right.

Find the complete results below. See the following entry for more on the  Super Show pro bikini battle.

’11 Europa Super Show Pro Figure

1) Ava Cowan*
2) Deena Walsh*
3) Ella Horton*
4) Heather Dees
5) Jami DeBernard
6) Alea Suarez
7) Julie Ann Kulla
8) Charmayne Jackson
9) Candice Houston
10) Kimberly Sheppard
11) Catherine Holland
12) Josie Zamora
13) Kavvy Sonhos
14) Michelle Bates
15) Danielle Kifer
16) Rebecca Bowers
17) Tivisay Briceno
17) Clarissa Castaneda
17) Soleivi Hernandez
17) Georgina Lona
17) Benincia Lopez
17) Tamee Marie
17) Vicki Nixon
17) Marie Pierre Ripert
17) Elvimar Sanchez

*Qualifies for the ’11 Figure Olympia.

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