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Straight Talk From Lee Labrada

I recently made a comeback, so to speak, to appear on the cover of the March ’12 IRON MAN. My goal was to hit a personal best and, being over 50, to see if I still measured up to the competition shape I displayed in my 30s. What I didn’t count on was the controversy it created on some bodybuilding forums.

All but a few of the comments on Facebook were positive. I want to thank all of the fans who rushed to my defense when certain disgruntled individuals made inferences about whether I am a “natural” bodybuilder. Here are some facts:

1) I’ve never hidden the fact that back in my bodybuilding competition days I used anabolics; the irony is that they actually made me look more bloated. My competition weight then was 185 to190 pounds. Today I weigh 175, so the question is, did they really help that much?

2) In 1990, I passed an IOC drug test to compete in the IFBB Mr. Olympia. Incidentally, that also was the year that I beat then-Mr. Olympia Lee Haney in the prejudging, the only man ever to do so since Haney’s first O win in 1984. I placed second that year, narrowly missing winning the title. My bodyweight? 180 pounds.

3) Currently, my testosterone levels are within the normal physiological range; I do not use GH, insulin, anti-estrogens or any other drugs. Just good nutrition, supplementation and hard training—that’s what you’re seeing in my current photos. And to my few detractors, sorry, you’re just going to have to live with that. I say that in humility, but to the point: Sometimes it’s difficult for certain individuals to see someone throw a 100 mph fastball or run a 4.3-second 40-yard sprint and realize that no matter how many performance-enhancing drugs they take, they’ll never measure up. I thank God for my great genetics, as I have been blessed.

4) I’m a big proponent of drug testing in bodybuilding and am crusading to bring IOC testing back to the IFBB professional ranks. It will be an uphill battle, but it will be good for our sport in the long run. It will create a more positive view of bodybuilding and give more young men and women the motivation to compete.

5) Lastly, I’m always honest with people. You can count on me to provide accurate, truthful information along with sports nutrition products that can be trusted. My mission in life now is to help others get into the best shape they can and to achieve good health.

I hope that clears everything up and we can get on with pumping iron and improving our bodies! With this new column in IRON MAN, I’m here to help. I’ll have great information starting next month. See you then.

—Lee Labrada

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A Recent Back Workout

After I took my Super Charge! Xtreme N.O., stacked with some HICA MAX, I did a great back workout in my new Labrada Gym (at our Labrada headquarters right here in Houston). Here’s the workout I did, short and sweet:

4 sets of close-grip lat pulldowns to failure
4 sets of Hammer Strength machine rows to failure
4 sets of machine shrugs to failure
4 sets of hyperextensions

Then I polished off a large chicken breast, 1 cup of brown rice and asparagus, and washed it all down with a chocolate Lean Body RTD.

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