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Shocking Supersets

7210-train2Q: I’m a big fan and follow your articles closely. I’m also a huge advocate of P/RR/S and FD/FS training, as they have helped me grow over the past two years from 178 to 223 solid pounds. My favorite part of your program is shock week. Although I know you vary your workouts constantly, do you have any favorite supersets that you tend to use more often than others?

A: Thank you! It’s greatly appreciated. Also, thank your for being a walking billboard for P/RR/S and FD/FS! A 45-pound gain in two years is nothing short of miraculous! As for your question, the answer is actually yes—I do have a few supersets that I favor for each bodypart that always seem to provide me with a deep, searing burn and pump. Here are some examples:

Quads: Sissy squats to leg extensions, wide-stance leg presses to narrow-stance hack squats, sissy squats to Smith-machine squats

Hams: Lying leg curls to stiff-legged deadlifts, seated leg curls to hyperextensions

Chest: Incline DB flyes to DB pullovers, incline DB flyes to bodyweight dips, BB or Smith-machine incline presses to low-cable crossovers

Back: Undergrip BB bent-over rows to DB pullovers, wide-grip BB bent-over rows to undergrip BB bent-over rows, stiff-arm pulldowns to close-grip pulldowns, close-grip seated cable rows to stiff-arm pulldowns or DB pullovers, wide-grip bodyweight pullups to partial rack deadlifts from below the knees

Delts: Seated laterals to wide-grip upright rows, standing laterals to seated machine presses, wide-grip upright rows to shoulder-width-grip BB front raises

Triceps: Smith-machine elbows-flared close-grip bench presses to seated two-arm overhead extensions, seated single-arm overhead DB extensions to lying single DB extensions, lying single DB extensions to DB kickbacks, reverse-grip pushdown to fists-together rope pushdowns

Biceps: 90 degree BB preacher curls to alternate hammer curls, alternate hammer curls to BB curls, front-double-biceps upper cable curls to low-cable curls, lying behind-the-head cable curls to alternate DB curls

If you decide to try any of these supersets, please write to me and let me know just how badly they burned.

—Eric Broser


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