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7309-eat2The all-new super extreme pre-workout #Shatter SX-7 is a highly advanced clean sensory preworkout formula engineered with seven cutting-edge premium ingredients:

Grains of Paradise. Contains the pungent compound 6-aradol.

Peak ATP (adenosine 5’-triphosphate disodium). Hard-training subjects who supplemented with Peak ATP in a 12-week human clinical study at the University of Tampa increased strength by 147 percent more than subjects who used a placebo. Even better, those same subjects gained 8.8 pounds of muscle vs. the placebo subjects, who gained only 4.6 pounds.

Ecklonia cava. A brown algae that contains unique polyphenols called phlorotannins.

Holy basil. An adaptogenic herb that contains ociglycoside l, rosmarinic acid and triterpene acids such as oleanolic and ursolic acid.

Myristica fragrans. A nutmeg seed that contains myristicin, a compound that contributes to the unique sensory experience.

Beta-alanine. An amino acid that helps boost muscle carnosine—contains a 1,200 milligram dose.

Caffeine. A potent dose of the stimulant brings increased focus, endurance and energizing effects.

#Shatter SX-7 is available in four amazing flavors: Fruit Punch Blast, Blue Raspberry Explosion, Watermelon Fusion and Icy Pink Lemonade. For more information, visit




7309-eat4Controlled Labs has launched a new product line designed for women. Appropriately called Gym Angel, it features six products: Energy Angel, Sweet Angel, Slim Angel, Pure Angel, Omega Angel and Vital Angel.


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