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Rob Carbo

Rob CarboSometimes you see a guy walk into the gym who looks like he eats the weights when he’s not lifting them—a guy like Rob Carbo. Rob is a 52-year-old powerlifter who won a Masters Bench Press Championship in ’05. The guy benches 555 pounds, squats 745 pounds and deadlifts more than 600 pounds—at 5’9” and 250.


Rob’s been lifting off and on for 35 years, and back in 1999 he did his first bodybuilding show. Placing third was below his expectations, however, so he tried powerlifting. He found that he really liked throwing around the big iron—so much that he’s still doing it five days a week. His schedule is different from the ones most people follow. 

Rob does his heavy powerlifting on the weekends, and three days during the week he works out more like a bodybuilder, using lighter loads. He calls it active recovery.

A monster of iron, he has three specific recommendations for those who want to try moving serious platters on the ends of those bars. First, get your form right. Learn the biomechanics of your lifts, and make them smooth and short. Second, don’t lift heavy all the time. And third, get your rest and maintain good nutrition. 

Nutrition for Rob includes eating seven meals a day, getting 50 grams of protein at each. He uses a quality protein powder to keep him on track and creatine to keep his muscles full and hydrated. A fat burner gives him a solid workout energy booster.

And for learning how to lift, what products to use and where to buy them, Rob turns to You can catch more of Rob on his BodySpace at

—Ian Sitren

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