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Lifesaving Lifestyle

I want to express my gratitude to IRON MAN for honoring me with a great 10-page article in the October issue. As I expressed in the interview to Lonnie Teper—who is one of the absolute best bodybuilding writers of all time—fitness has always been very good to me. It has given much reward and meaning to my life. I also want to point out that since Lonnie has known me for 25 years, it made the article much more in-depth and personal than it would have otherwise been. Further, I want to extend my appreciation to Michael Neveux for taking such great pictures of me for that issue, as well as back in 2000 and in 1991, and for all the great photos he shoots of all the great physiques seen in IRON MAN. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You guys all do a magnificent job!

Doug Brignole
via Internet

Cover-Story Glory

The cover of me and my daughter, Taylor, the story and photos are first class [October ’09]. It all brought tears to my eyes. I couldn’t be prouder to be, once again, gracing the cover of IRON MAN—and with such a great feature inside with me and my entire family. I’m truly grateful and appreciative of all that you have done for me over the years. Many thanks, and as always, I’m here and ready when needed. Now I just need to get my boy buff for the next one, and I’ll have run the gamut.

Clark Bartram
via Internet

Editor’s note: Congratulations. Your cover is a historical event, the first father-daughter cover IRON MAN has ever done. Let’s hope there are more to come to promote the bodybuilding lifestyle to every generation.

Exceptional Exercises?

The October ’09 issue is another great one! Lots of good info. I’m glad Doug Brignole is doing well, but he’s way off base about dips and overhead presses being a waste of time and high risk. What else is on the list, calf raises and barbell curls? Performed properly—and with a thorough warmup—dips are a lot safer and more productive than the bench press. At 50 and with two bad shoulders from playing ball and too much bench pressing, I find that the dip is the only chest exercise I can do in complete comfort—and with 60 pounds tied to my waist. Try telling Bill Starr and Charles Poliquin that the overhead press is a bad choice. If uninformed readers believe what Brignole said, they will miss out on gains from two very productive exercises.

Bill Stinson
Jacksonville, FL

Editor’s note: Overhead presses can be dangerous if you use excessive back arch, which comes from lifting with your ego and not your delts and arms. And dips can do damage if you go too low. Hmm, from our vantage point any weighted exercise can be dangerous when done with bad form. We’re sure Doug will clarify in his upcoming book.

Fast Workouts, Big Results

I’ve been using the 3D POF routine [from 3D Muscle Building] for more than four months and have gotten the best results I’ve ever had. I’m 18 and have seriously added to my measurements while losing bodyfat at the same time. My arms are now at 17 inches, while my waist has gone down to 29! X Reps have also changed my life forever, and they will always be in my workouts. I plan on staying drug-free and competing soon, as I feel like I’ve stumbled upon the Holy Grail of muscle building! Thank you!

Sage Natvig
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Editor’s note: For more on POF, visit The new e-program, X-traordinary X-Rep Workout with POF, is available at

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