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Predictions Redux—Reflections on Going Out on a Limb

Lmao ever since I made my “predictions” for the upcoming Arnold Sports Festival women’s pro bodybuilding, fitness and figure competitions in Columbus, Ohio, on “Living Beautiful Radio” (see the February 7 entry). It could be my imagination, but I seem to have had more than the usual “Ruthie-I-love-you-but…” phone and e-mail messages in the days after we did the Webcast. Since the contests are still a week away, I thought I’d share a couple of the how-it’s-going-to-go-downs that have come from, shall we say, industry insiders who have their sources. Then, if they come to pass, you’ll know you read it here first.743rb0042.jpgFitness. This one was actually mentioned by co-host Nancy Di Nino during the interview (catch the replay at, but I didn’t get to follow up with her. I suggested that Kim Klein would repeat as Fitness International champ; Nancy said that “everyone” was saying that it was Jen Hendershott’s show. Now, if you’re handicapping that lineup, you’re either going pick Hendershott, the ’05 champ, who was second last year and third at the Olympia, or you’re going to pick Klein, who though she wasn’t at her best at the O, still came in second—ahead of Jen. Either woman would be a reasonable “prediction,” but I can’t think why anyone would assume it was Jen’s show. Hmmm.… Maybe they know something.743rb0237.jpgWomen’s bodybuilding. After hearing my comments that DayanaCadeau would not take Iris Kyle at the Ms. International—and, in fact, that Dayana would be third—I got a call from a friend who likes to get into it with me about these matters. Folks my friend was talking to, including perhaps a couple of judges, had more than suggested that Cadeau had pushed multi-time Ms. Olympia Kyle harder than the score sheets suggested at the O—and that they were ready for a change. “Cadeau will beat Iris at the Arnold,” my friend said with authority. My reply? “It could happen. Nobody’s right all the time.” Then I got another call from my friend.781rb0483.jpgFigure. Now, pay attention, ’cause I’m not going to name names here. My friend wanted to tell me that a certain figure gal was certain to be moving into the top five. Since this is someone everyone thinks should be in the top five, I couldn’t see where the fire was. My friend then mentioned that the athlete was reportedly now working with a certain (trainer/management company/supplement company)—supposedly the reason for her ascent. My reply? “Is she also going to be bringing down those shoulders?”Chuckling, I thanked my friend for the gossip and said I’d stand by all my predictions. (It could happen.) It’s all in fun, and I’ve never won the Oscar pool either. As a reporter and columnist I’ll be just as delighted if Hendershott wins the Fitness I, Cadeau finally overtakes Kyle and/or our mystery gal breaks into the top five at the Figure I as I’d be if my predictions came true. They’re all wonderful athletes, and, frankly, it’s a good story either way, eh?

Photos (from top):

1) Kim Klein at the ’07 Fitness International

2) Jen Hendershott at the ’07 Fitness International

3) Dayana Cadeau at the ’07 Ms. Olympia: Can she finally catch Iris?

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