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Power-Packed Pecs

Q: I think your chest is just sick (in a good way). While I definitely admire the pecs on people like Ronnie Coleman, Johnnie Jackson, Branch Warren, Marcus Ruhl, Lou Ferrigno and Arnold, I am most impressed by yours because you created them without using any drugs. Yes, I know we are all individuals, with separate genetics, muscle fiber makeups, structures, recovery abilities and other factors, but I still want to know your exact chest routine. I want to do what you are doing! Can I see what is what, please?

A: This is crazy! Nobody ever talks about my pecs. Okay, just kidding! Without a doubt more people ask me about my chest training than any other bodypart; however, I greatly appreciate your sentiments.

I assume you have read my column and/or have learned about my methods of training, which makes it pretty clear that I do not have a “set” routine for chest or any muscle group. Instead, I will go into my training notebook and give you a look at my last five weeks of pec pounding, since I used most of my techniques over that period:


Week 1: FD/FS

Flat-bench DB presses (2/0/X)

2 x 3-4

Incline presses (6/1/X) 2 x 3-4

Incline flyes (2/4/1) 3 x 7-9

Dips (1/0/X) 2 x 25-30


Week 2: Rep Range (high/low)

Low-cable crossovers

(2/1/2/1) 2 x 16-20

Hammer Strength incline presses

(2/1/1) 3 x 10-12

Incline flyes (2/1/2)              2 x 13-15

Bench presses (2/1/1) 3 x 7-9


Week 3: Power

Low-incline presses (4/1/X) 3 x 4-6

Smith-machine high-incline

presses (4/1/X) 3 x 4-6

Bodyweight dips (4/0/X) 3 x 4-6

DB pullovers (3/0/X) 2 x 4-6


Week 4: Shock (add-on sets)

Flyes (2/1/1) 1 x 7-9


Flyes (2/1/1) 1 x 7-9

Incline presses (2/0/X) 1 x 7-9


Flyes (2/1/1) 1 x 7-9

Incline presses (2/0/X) 1×7-9

Hammer Strength incline presses

(2/0/X) 1 x 7-9

Giant set

Flyes (2/1/1) 1 x 7-9

Incline presses (2/0/X) 1 x 7-9

Hammer Strength incline presses

(2/0/X) 1 x 7-9

Pushups (3/2/X) 1 x 7-9


Week 5: Hybrid P/RR/S

Bench presses (4/0/X) 3 x 4-6

Incline cable flyes (2/1/2/1)

1 x 13-15, 1 x 10-12, 1 x 7-9


Incline DB presses (2/0/X) 1 x 7-9

DB pullovers (2/0/1) 1 x 7-9

Bodyweight dips (1/0/1) 1 x 26

rest/pause 10 seconds 1 x 7

rest/pause 20 seconds 1 x 6

—Eric Broser


Editor’s note: Eric Broser’s new DVD “Power/Rep Range/Shock Max-Mass Training System” is available at His e-books, Power/Rep Range/Shock Workout and The FD/FS Mass-Shock Workout, which include complete printable workout templates and Q&A sections, are available at


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