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Post Sickness/Travel

So Im finally back and getting in the groove of things. Today I took a bit of a rest day. No workout, just volleyball. I still have a slight fever at times and don’t want to rush it too much. But in the morning, I will be back on schedule.

One semi good thing is that I lost 7 ish pounds while being sick and only gained 1 lb back after traveling. Although it wasn’t a good weight loss, it definitely should help me when I get back to training. Too much muscle when running is actually a bad thing. And I think this works out too because I’ll lose a little bit of muscle while I train, but it will put me in a good position to start prepping to step on stage.

Yes, I decided to step on stage. The thing about me is I like a challenge. And now that the challenge of grad school is gone, it’s time for me to start a new one. Training for the RnRLA is hard, but I need another challenge to start after that. So I’m going to do my research and find a show and start my prep. I always say this, but I think it’s time to just try it and see what happens. Should be very challenging, but fun at the same time. Especially, since I’ll be transitioning in my new position. Stay tuned!

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