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Best FAT LOSS TIPS For Men and Women

I received an email from a guy who said he was an avid reader of my blogs, which I was very shocked at because in my mind, I think no one reads my blogs (LOL!). But anyway, he went on to tell me that all of my articles were very informative, with a ton of information, but concluded with, “…I’m certain not everyone has enough time to read all the information you provide.” I absolutely loved that last statement. From now on, all of my blogs will be shorter, cleaner, more precise, and straight to the point, with only the most important information I think you need to read in order for the information to make sense.


So here we go, with, in my opinion, the best fat loss tips for men and women!

  • Determine the best carbohydrate intake level for you!
    • You don’t need to get rid of carbohydrates al-together to lose fat, but you need to tweak and experiment to find out the right intake that will give you the energy you need for daily activity and workouts, while not consuming too much where your body doesn’t need the glucose and will store it as either glycogen or body fat.


  • If you respond better to a higher carb intake, consume the majority of them at your first meal, before training, and after your workout.
    • Getting carbohydrates consumed at your first meal will kick-start your metabolism and get you ready for the day ahead (assuming you’re not following a low-carb, high-fat diet). Consuming pre-workout carbs (1-2 hours before training) will ensure that you have filled glycogen stores and an immediate source of energy via glucose. Eating the rest of your carbohydrates after your workout will help ensure that those carbs you eat get used for recovery and muscle growth, rather than excess body fat.


  • Incorporate cardiovascular exercise.
    • Think of cardio as just another way to burn additional calories. You need to be in a caloric deficit to lose body fat, plain and simple. An easy way to get into that deficit is by performing cardiovascular work. Stick to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) cardio if you are consuming a higher carb intake, due to the fact that you will be using primarily glucose to fuel the demand (ATP-PC and Glycolytic systems are dominantly used during high intensity exercise). Stick to LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) cardio if you are consuming a lower carb intake, due to the fact that triglycerides and fatty acids will be the primary fuel source (Oxidative system and the Krebs cycle are dominantly used during steady state, low intensity exercise).


    • Yes, everything (no more measuring cups!). The problem with food labels is that they are not exact, and if you are hungry, you will top off that measuring cup or tablespoon with a little more than you are supposed to eat. Take oatmeal for example: 1 cup of dry oats should equal 80 grams. BUT, I guarantee that if you take 1 cup from the bag of oats, and then weigh it, it’ll be a little more than 80 grams. And a little more here, and a little more there, will add up to results you don’t want in the long run.


  • Understand your starting point and make small gradual changes.
    • You need to know, RIGHT NOW, how much food you’re eating, how much cardio you’re doing, how much volume you’re performing during each workout, etc. to make proper changes in order to enhance progress. For example, if you’re not performing any cardio at all right now, there’s no reason to start doing 5 sessions per week. If you’re eating 3,000 calories per day and want to lose fat, there’s no reason to drop right down to 2,000 calories. You need to know where you’re at right now and then make small, gradual changes to your program. These small changes are more than enough to start seeing progress!


  • Customize your diet for your lifestyle!
    • If you have a very busy schedule, why would you try to eat 6 times per day? Meal frequency is complete B.S. so you can disregard that myth right now. I would never be able to eat 6 meals per day because of how busy I am. I eat 4 times per day, 3 bigger meals, and then a light meal before bed because that is what works best for me and my lifestyle. Find an approach that works best for you and that you can adhere to, and you will more than likely be successful at it!


Train hard and train smart.

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