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Photo shoot

After only one day at home I got on a plane for LA at 7:30am on Tuesday. I had a two-day photo shoot scheduled with Ironman photographer, Michael Neveux. I’ve shot with Mike on 2 other occasions and I love his work. His studio is absolutely incredible, and the way he lights the photos really brings out the muscularity to the max! I arrived at LAX at 9:35 and was picked up by Michael Jude. We went straight to the studio and got busy. On Tuesday we shot shoulders, biceps, triceps, abs and chest. I did about 4 exercises per bodypart. For anyone who has never done a workout photo shoot, it’s grueling! Mike wore me out! The sweat you see in the photos is real sweat! Holding the weights, stopping and flexing in various parts of the movements is extremely hard work. At various points in the shoot we did some posing shots and also some shots with some of the Muscle Link Products. Although I was exhausted by the time we finished, I really had a blast doing it!

Jude took me to my hotel late in the afternoon. I laid out at the pool for a little while, then went for a 2 mile walk before dinner. I was really excited about shooting Wednesday because I was schedule to do a cover shoot with model/actress, Raven Lexy.

On Wednesday I got up early, had breakfast and then went for a 2 mile walk. I was picked at 9:00 and taken back to Mike’s studio. Raven was already there with the make-up artist and we got to visit for a while before Mike arrived. We spent about and hour and a half shooting for the cover. I think we got some really good stuff! Raven said that doing fashion shoots was so much easier because she never had to flex in the fashion shoots. After Raven left we broke for lunch, then went back to work shooting exercises for back and legs. When we finally finished up I was absolutely fried! My forearms and hands were so tired that I had a hard time carrying my luggage. It was very hard work, but I loved every minute of it! I’d do it again tomorrow….or, as soon as my forearms recover! LOL!

Here’s a shot of me a Lexy taken before the shoot with my phone.

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