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Nola Trimble

Nola TrimbleWhen you first meet Nola, you might think that she’s kind of quiet and reserved. When you talk with her for a while, though, you find out how really out-there and aggressive she can be! There’s a lot to this lady. 

She’s 5’6” and a successful figure competitor, as well as a full-time federal firefighter, EMT and hazmat specialist at March Air Reserve Base in Southern California. She enlisted in the Air Force right out of high school and became a surgical tech—as well as a champion USAF golfer. 

After the Air Force she stayed with golf as she got her bachelor’s degree in business administration. Then she discovered the gym, went in search of her personal-training certification and was introduced to the world of figure competition. She ultimately made her way to the national level, where in 2008 she competed at the prestigious USA Championships in Las Vegas.

Nola is crossing over to women’s bodybuilding this year, so you might find her at Gold’s Gym, Venice, pushing some serious weight around when she’s not on duty and on base. By the way, she works out on the base too, and in her spare time she’s taken up martial arts in the Japan Karate-Do federation. 

Where do you find people like Nola, and where does Nola find people as interested as she is in health and fitness? On BodySpace at, of course. Visit Nola at and tell her that you’re as impressed as I am.

—Ian Sitren

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