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Nick Paniagua

One of the most popular BodySpace members on is “XNickEdgeX,” Nick Paniagua. I wrote that two years ago here in this section, and it remains true today. Time to check in with Nick and see what has happened over those two years—and it has been plenty!

I knew Nick had put on some size and muscle, but that was just the visible change. Since being featured here, he has picked up industry sponsorships, appeared in endless magazines in a ad and done many interviews. He’s achieved his goal of being a successful trainer. And he’s tied the knot with his fiancée, Shannon, whom you’ll find with him in the gym.

Nick says the exposure in IRON MAN “did wonders” for him and has been very surprising. In the gym, at shows and expos people know him. Even at “grocery stores, drug stores and gas stations” people walk up and say that they saw him in a magazine. Nick always wanted to be a “positive influence and help people,” and he’s found the recognition to be a positive influence. It also keeps him on track and away from what he describes as a wrong path in life.

Sadly, the past two years brought the passing of Nick’s mom; however, she did see the positive impact that a life of health and fitness had on Nick, and she was very proud. Her last words to him were, “Keep taking care of yourself. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

Nick took that seriously, and he has more goals to achieve. He’s starting a line of gym wear. He’s planning to compete in a bodybuilding show this year, a lifelong dream, and he hopes one day to open a gym. If the past two years are any indication, I expect Nick to reach every one of his goals.

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