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Negative Accentuated Training for Faster Muscle Gain

More than 50 years of research has shown that negative, or eccentric, exercise has more muscle-building potential than positive, or concentric, exercise. In spite of those findings, there’s never been a safe, simple, practical way to provide progressive-negative training consistently—until now.

In Part I of this discussion I talked about Edwin “Truck” Brown and how I challenged him to try a negative-accentuated arm routine for two weeks. His before-and-after photos and measurements revealed that he added 1.25 inches to his upper arms after only four brief workouts.

Let’s look at more forward-thinking research and cutting-edge details about negative exercise.

Building Muscle at a Fast Rate

As a result of Truck Brown’s success, I was able to recruit 15 bodybuilders from Gainesville Health & Fitness in Florida for a special phase of my negative-training research. Each agreed to my requirements, which were as follows:


Train at a scheduled time, under my supervision, once a week for six weeks on eight X-Force machines for one set of five to eight repetitions.

Promise to do no other strength training or bodybuilding exercise during the off days for the duration of the study.

Eat a high-calorie diet each day, made up of plenty of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Drink a gallon of cold water each day.

Get adequate sleep each night—eight to nine hours.

Agree to take no anabolic steroids or growth drugs during the study.

Who Did the Best?

To help equalize the advantage that larger men have in building pounds of muscle, I took each man’s muscle gain and got a percentage of gain by dividing that number by his starting bodyweight. Then, I ranked the percentages. As a result, here are the top finishers and how they did:



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